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Sorsogon Vice Gov. Wowo Fortes says ECQ market offers discounted items

Barcelona Market

Residents of Barcelona, Sorsogon can make their P500 food coupons go a long way by shipping at the ECQ market operated by local government officials.

This was according to Sorsogon Vice Gov. Wowo Fortes, who said on Facebook that the ECQ market is now open.

The market offers discounted prices for pork, rice, egg, smoked fish, coffee, sugar, and vegetables.

By shopping here, they could get more items for their money, he said.

Who doesn’t love a bargain?

“Barcelona LGU ECQ MRKT:

With Food Coupons worth 500 Pesos distributed to every family in Barcelona, the residents have food choices at the ECQ Market operated by the LGU officials and employees at discounted prices. Pork at 150/kilo, Rice at 25/kilo, Egg at 5/pc., Tinapa at 50/kilo, Coffee and Sugar at 20% off, Vegetables at 30% off the regular prices etc!” Fortes posted.


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