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“Kindness station” in Sorsogon allows residents to get free food, clothes, rice for free

Kindness Station
  • A “Kindness station” was launched in Sorsogon
  • Donors can drop off their donations there and residents in need of food and goods can just visit to ask anything for free
  • According to the people behind the initiative, they want to foster the value of kindness and generosity and break the spirit of greed

In Sorsogon, a station was launched to allow residents to just get food for free.

Image by Kindness Station via Facebook

Sorsogon’s “Kindness station” easily caught the attention of many netizens online for its ingenious way of reaching out to those in need. This station becomes the access of generous people to leave their donations and for those in need to easily get the food they need.

The Kindness Station goes by the motto, “Give, Share, Receive.”

Donors can easily drop their donations of rice, canned goods, coffee, fruits and many others there. Residents who are heavily affected by the community quarantine can visit the station to get what they need.

On Facebook, they shared the motivation behind their good initiative.

They wrote, “KUMATOK LANG HUWAG MAHIHIYA. Kung magkapitbahay tayo at walang-wala ka, walang trabaho at wala nang makuhanan, pakiusap wag kang matulog na walang laman ang tiyan.”

Image by Kindness Station via Facebook

“Hindi kami mayaman pero we will be more than happy to share whatever food we have. There will absolutely be no judgement. It’s now our turn to show kindness during these difficult times,” it added.

Two weeks since the Kindness Station was launched, it served over 221 recipient families and continues to grow each day.

Aside from being a source of food for those in need, the people behind the Kindness Station also want to promote the values of generosity and kindness among volunteers and beneficiaries.

They added, “We wish that the cycle of kindness and generosity will continue and break the spirit of greed.”


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