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Sorsogon Gov. Escudero tells DOH to consider using Rapid Test Kits

Sorsogon Governor Francis "Chiz" Escudero

Sorsogon Governor Francis Chiz Escudero has called on the government to use the Rapid Test Kits for coronavirus disease amid the rising fatalities due to the said highly contagious disease.

“DOH should already allow Rapid Test Kits and make it available ASAP. As long as the death rate of COVID-19 is more than 3% (we are at 6.3% now), it means we are not testing enough,” the Sorsogon Governor said.

“Based on the death rate (68/.03), the number of positive cases should be 2,266 instead of 1,075,” he added.

Escudero also asked President Rodrigo Duterte and the Interagency Task Force to help the Health department from its logistics woes.

“I am pleading and imploring PRRD and the IATF to address red tape and logistics issues hounding the DOH. In a public health crisis/emergency where time is of the essence, red tape and inefficiencies will cost precious lives,” said Escudero.


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